Retailer & Shopper Analytics

For each supplier, we build customized reporting templates for weekly sales tracking and complete ad-hoc projects using CVS CMG (paid for by supplier) and/or Nielsen data (provided by supplier). With a CMG online portal subscription, we monitor all POS metrics and patterns, inventory position, store-level execution and sell-thru of seasonal programs, and more. By using this data in the past, we were able to identify early and high sell-thru stores and then recommend those stores to CVS for the vendor’s POG program. 

We also specialize in the utilization of ExtraCare (paid for by supplier) data, to provide in-depth shopper analytics, competitive research, item performance and trends, and Loyalty and Personalization (L&P) promotional results. Previously, we reviewed competing brands’ SKU level performance to identify segment opportunities which could help augment the relevance and success of our current supplier. The supplier expanded into these categories in July 2019 based on the data and analysis we provided and have since gained new top items within their brand.

In bidding for a program at CVS, we use customer market basket data to prove to the Category Manager (CM) that our proposed items will not cannibalize current higher-retail competitors already in store. This is often a hesitation of CMs prior to our analysis.