Strategic Planning

As your representative, we will partner with you to establish a strategy.

Presentation preparation, performance forecasting, setting timelines, and creating marketing plans. We will also review opportunities for store brand, exclusivity, and off-shelf programs.

Develop a presentation for the retailer

Plug into the retailers marketing/merchandising events​

Performance forecasting​

Is there an opportunity for store brand or exclusivity​

Establish timeline​

Off shelf presence​

Set marketing plan​

Budget Management

We offer support by tracking vendor funding and navigating various retailer deductions.

We build annual projections for co-op and promotional funding for suppliers as well as for JBP submissions to CVS. We continuously track deductions throughout the year to compare to these projections. Our expertise allows us to research and explain charges to suppliers. When we identify questionable or invalid deductions, we build claims with supporting documentation to request repayment/closure.

We utilize access to suppliers’ eSettlement and ImageSilo accounts in order to research deductions. For newly acquired suppliers, we would require access to all historical CVS agreements via SAFs and email communication copies.

To contest CVS shortages (change memos) we require copies of the PO’s signed Proof of Delivery, the original invoice, and a copy of the change memo received.  These documents are physically mailed to CVS with a letter we create contesting the shortages.

Does your product have what it takes?

From concept to market, WE CAN HELP!
We know what products will succeed in the retail marketplace. 

Marketing Support

With our specialized expertise, we can recommend a marketing approach and assist in the development of a winning strategy.

We offer promotional plan creation with projected expenses so that each vendor can ensure a robust yet affordable plan for their business.

Our team handles promotion submission, tracking, and performance analysis for our vendors. For those signed up with ExtraCare, we handle Loyalty and Personalization (L&P) submissions and review redemption data to strengthen our analytics and historical record of each offer type.

For multi-layer promotional vendors, we build comprehensive 360 plans that outline the full year’s promotional plan, L&P, off-shelf, and social media strategies. These plans are reviewed with suppliers and CMs during touch base meetings.